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How Water Jet Cutting Technology Revolutionizes Today's Machine Shops


Note: We are not capable of running glass, granite or stone!


Water jet cutting technology has greatly expanded the applications for C.N.C. machining for the past 30 years. Traditional metal cutting processes generate heat while cutting, which limited the types of material that could be cut in this way. However, with the use of an abrasive jet of water, water jet cutting can cut nearly any material without the concern for heat. Materials such as foam, rubber, plastics, glass, composites, stone, tile, paper and metals are all appropriate for water jet cutting. Plus, water jet cutting is highly accurate and can create clean cuts for metal cutting and metal fabrication.

New Applications For Water Jet Cutting Of Sensitive Materials


Some of the applications for temperature sensitive materials include:

•    Printed circuit boards. Circuit boards are rather fragile, so the highly accurate cut that minimizes vibrations from a water jet is ideal.
•    Wire stripping. Water jet cutting can be used with or without an abrasive jet; without abrasives, water jet cutting can strip insulation from wires quickly without damaging the metal underneath.
•    Tool Steel. An abrasive jet is capable of metal cutting operations. This is ideal for tool metal fabrication since excessive heat would otherwise alter the structure of the steel.
•    Wood cutting. The big advantage for using an abrasive jet for cutting wood is that it leaves behind a smooth finish without damaging the rest of the piece.

Water Jet Cutting - An Ideal "Green" Process


Green work processes are extremely popular and water jet cutting is an ideal green process for metal fabrication. There are no harmful or toxic residues leftover from the cutting process. In fact, even the water used in the abrasive jet can be recycled in a closed loop cycle. The abrasives used can be disposed of safely in a landfill. Compare that to using hazardous washing and cooling solutions during typical metal cutting operations.

Amazing Accuracy With C.N.C. Machining


Water jet cutting provides excellent cut accuracy. The cut size is about as wide as a human hair and can obtain a maximum accuracy up to five thousandths of an inch. This amazing accuracy, combined with C.N.C. machining software and controls, allows for extremely intricate metal cutting. Complex three dimensional shapes for metal fabrication are possible with multi-axis cutting.

Saving Time, Money, And Materials


Water jet cutting can also be used before milling or turning processes to remove excess material. This saves time and tooling expenses at the milling or turning phase. In addition, the excess material cut with an abrasive jet can be reused, as opposed to metal shavings from a turning process.

Water Jet Cutting Is Used In Nearly Every Industry


Nearly every industry has a use for water jet cutting processes in their machined products. A short list would include:

•    Mining
•    Electronics
•    Stone, glass, and metal artwork
•    Marine
•    Oilfield
•    Aerospace
•    Defense
•    Medical
•    Automotive
•    Architectural
•    Education

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