Logik Precision, Inc. Machining Fabrication and Welding in Houston, Texas

Logik Precision, Inc. provides high precision machining, fabrication and welding services. We have become known as a premier source for long production runs, custom products and complex systems. Our rigorous standards have earned us the respect of high profile commercial and government clients, including worldwide oil-based companies, the Department of Defense and NASA.



Operating out of two facilities, we are well positioned to provide convenient services.   One facility is located near I-45 just north of downtown Houston.  Our other facility is located on the west side of Houston near Beltway 8 and Clay Road.

Over the past 15 years, we have purchased machining centers that are required to service our client base.  These include CNC lathes, CNC mills, CNC water jet and manuals.  Each is staffed with a highly trained and well supervised machinist on the first and second shift.

Importantly, all of our work is managed through customized job software that exceeds our ISO requirements and provides constant traceability.

We operate a fleet of delivery trucks to ensure our work is professional delivered.   We are also established with all of the major shipping services if the delivery is not in Houston.

Fabrication and Welding:


  • We pride ourselves on our fabrication and welding alliances.  Here are some of the more common services we offer:
  • We produce skids and skid systems for nearly any process. This includes chemical, oil, or water based applications for marine, oilfield, and refining industries.
  • We fabricate for high pressure vessels of all types, sizes, configurations and applications. Every product is ASME stamped and coded.
  • We provide high pressure tubing and piping.  This includes tube bending, pipe threading, fabrication and an array of machining operations.


For all of our services, we offer fast turnaround and unparalleled customer service.

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